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Missionaries We Support



RBMS was founded in 1985 when a small group of Reformed Baptist Churches desired to work together for the spread of the Gospel around the world.  RBMS was designed to assist the local church to send and maintain a missionary on the field.  It was out of RBMS that the desire arose to cooperate in other gospel endeavors.  This desire led to the formation of ARBCA in 1997.  RBMS remained a separate organization until 2000 when it became the foreign missions arm of ARBCA. 

RBMS is a service orgnaization.  RBMS believes that the sending church is the missionary agency and has the authority over the missionary, national pastor or chaplain.  

RBMS has 2 areas of service and responsibility:



Missionaries are those men who are sent out to minister the Word of God in another culture.  These men are fully supported and when they plant a church it is expected that they will move to another location to plant another church.  


Quebec, Canada

Raymond & Diane Perron


Columbia, South America

Stan & Bev Line


Perth, Australia

Allen & Katie Beardmore

2. National Pastors

When an ARBCA church develops a relationship with a indigenous pastor in another culture that church may apply to RBMS to that man receive support for a period of 7 years.  The prayer is that over that 7 year period the national church will be able to fully support the pastor. 

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