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Christian Education Hour - 9:45 am

Children's Education Hour

Grace Covenant Church undertakes to challenge and instruct our children in the Scriptures beginning at age two. While we recognize that parents are the primary instructors of their own children, we believe the assistance of the church is critical for the thorough and disciplined training that the Scriptures themselves command and require. The Sunday School programs are intended to develop the minds and hearts of our youth that they might learn “the fear of the Lord” (Prov. 1:7).

You will note that along with repetitious review of Old and New Testament redemptive history we encourage the memorization of the Children’s Catechism and Bible verses chosen specifically to provide training in the whole council of God. We are thankful to God for the many faithful parents that have assisted us in the development and continuing implementation of these lessons.

Adult Education Hour

Our Sunday School program is not limited to just the instruction of children. Each Sunday morning, while the children are attending their classes, one adult Sunday School class is offered as well. These classes range from instruction on church history to raising children to the study of various doctrines and practical Godly living found in particular books of the Bible. These classes have been a great resource for the spiritual growth of our congregation.

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