Worship Service

Join us for our corporate worship service as we sing and pray and hear the Word of God.

Pastor Fred Pugh is preaching through Genesis. The Book of Genesis, particularly the first three chapters of the book, lay the foundation for the rest of Scripture. To attempt to understand the rest of the Bible without a clear understanding of the first three chapters of the book is like trying to understand subsequent chapters of a novel without reading the first chapter. William Dumbrell writes, “the foundational factor in biblical theology is a creation theology.” Building upon that thought, Richard Barcellos writes, “A proper understanding of the garden is crucial for understanding many Scriptural doctrines, such as God as both Creator and divine exemplar, mans identity and vocation, the law of nature, the covenant of works, the Sabbath, and even Christology and eschatology.” Join us each Lord’s Day as we study together these foundational chapters of Holy Scripture.

Pastor Marty Murtha is preaching through Ephesians.