About Us

Our purpose as a church is to glorify God by finding our fullest joy and delight in Him, and to proclaim to others that fullness of joy is found only in God as He has made Himself known through Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord. We seek to fulfill our purpose in three main areas: Worship, Evangelism, and Discipleship.


Our worship service is designed to glorify God in accordance with His Word. We believe that the Scripture teaches that our worship is to be God-centered, not man-centered. Thus, we do not engage in so-called "seeker-sensitive" forms of worship. We design our worship to please God, believing that when God is pleased in the worship of His people, His people find joy in Him. We seek, through expository preaching of the Holy Scripture, to declare the nature of our majestic God. We seek, through the singing of hymns, accompanied by music that is honoring to God, to reinforce the principles and concepts of Scripture. We believe that music that is honoring to God does not sink to the lowest common denominator, but strives for excellence. (1 Chronicles 15:19-24)


Our desire is to reach out to to men and women around us with the good news of free forgiveness of sin through the life and sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. We believe that outreach should be a way of life for those whose lives have been transformed by the magnificent grace of God. As we leave the church gathered and go into the world, our prayer is that God will open doors of ministry to us as individuals and that He will grant grace to us to be willing to walk through those doors. We believe the gospel is designed to be a joy to all peoples. Our vision is not limited to our immediate geographic surroundings. Rather, we hold a world view which stirs us to support missionaries who are sent out to spread the Gospel to other places.


Our week-to-week ministry is also characterized by a desire to see each individual grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We offer sound Biblical exposition and practical application, and various opportunities for fellowship. Our firm conviction is that the proclamation of the Word of God by qualified and proven men is the central means ordained by God to achieve this goal. Thus, our public services emphasize preaching and teaching, along with singing, prayer, and the offering of our gifts to God. Part of discipleship is being part of a church, which is governed according to scriptural principles. As a part of that discipline, we are responsible to our officers (elders and deacons). We believe that it is essential for a church to work cooperatively in formal association with other like-minded churches. We maintain such a relationship via our affiliation with ARBCA. By the grace of God, we desire to see the testimony of New Testament Christianity carried to, and lived out before, a lost and dying world. We invite all to come and join with us in experiencing the joy of worshipping our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ!